Welcome to the Berkshire's Bravest project. In the tradition of the Valiant Volunteers feature that was produced for many years by the Berkshire Record I would like to continue to honor those who serve their communities as emergency responders. Volunteerism is by no means dead, but it is waning and the desire for a timely and professional response has led some agencies to bolster their ranks with members who are career minded. The model varies and studies are regularly being conducted as the leaders of the emergency services attempt to find a balance that provides the best service while keeping the budgets as tight as possible. This is an open project with the material coming from the massive Fire Service Photography archives and the departments that are highlighted below. I ask you to please support your local department. There many forms of support: Volunteer Attend a fundraiser Donate Advocate for the emergency services Support funding initiatives In closing I'd like to honor two special groups associated with the fire and emergency services. Much respect to those who have served in the past you have set the example for us to follow. Secondly to the families of those who serve, their support means so much to those of out in the field. Keep the Faith - Remember the Fallen - Do the right thing - Ed Harvey, Fire Service Photography

Becket Ambulance Department

Becket, Mass.

Becket Ambulance provides Advanced Emergency Medical Services to the town.

Becket Ambulance 250