The Fire Service Photography Handbook

This was one of the outlines for a book project.

A guide to the visual documentation of the history, traditions, action, and heroism of the fire service. A book about photography ought to have one thing which is lots of photos. So it would be logical a book about fire photography should have lots of photos of fire related subjects. Which this publication certainly will have! However in order to make it a book instead of a photo album there needs to be supporting text.

  • Chapter 1 Safety
  • Chapter 2 Emergency Scene etiquette
  • Chapter 3 Couth
  • Chapter 4 The shot
  • Chapter 5 Cameras/gear
  • Chapter 6 Getting published
  • Chapter 7 The rest of the story
  • Chapter 8 History and Traditions
  • Chapter 9 Action and heroism
  • Chapter 10 Photographer’s Rights

Chapters of a book that might never be written