The smiling firefighter might cause some to question why they are smiling while firefighting the fire. It comes from a having a series of tasks that need to be completed in a quick and decisive manner to bring order to mayhem and destruction. It might be the smile of the rookie who just worked his first fire and his countless hours of training and practice has paid off. Then there is the smile of the confidence of the experienced firefighter who has his body and mind in perfect tune with the plan and tasks that are required to bring order to the chaos at hand. The smile of the officer who trusts his firefighters with the task and knowing full well the trust they and their families put in him to keep them safe and get them back home. The breed of person who takes on the role of firefighter in their community would not be that of a person who gains joy from the loss of others, but might still smile when they know that they are the hope to start making the worst day of someone's life better. I know that smile, I've smiled it and it is not nefarious and I can assure you.

By Ed Harvey Copyright 2012